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About Us

Mission, Vision & Core Values


We foster a culture of transparency in all our business aspects. We will be fully honest when dealing with our Vendors, Principals and Clients to create an ethical and trustworthy working environment.



We always deliver creative solutions to our partners; we will use innovative rational where appropriate to overcome any business challenges we meet.


We will always be responsive and reliable when we deal with our Clients and Principals to build our Group credibility and give them assurance with our efficiency as a robust business partner.


We take every business opportunity seriously and we will tackle all business domains aggressively to ensure our Group emerges as a leading and successful organization in all its subdivisions operations.


We will be respectful to traditions and culture of countries we operate in and will fulfil our social responsibility as a Group. We will always preserve environmental resources and seek for renewable energy solutions as and when appropriate.

Pro Group MENA's Objectives


To be one of the most successful Holding Group of companies where we could add significant value to our principals and business partners across the MENA Region through building a professional and ethical working environment based on trust and prosperity.


To foster a winning culture capitalizing on our wealth of experience, skills and motivation to deliver premium solutions to our business partners and extend top class services to our clients in every domain we operate in while preserving the environment and having zero compromise on safety standards in all aspects of our business.

Pro Group MENA’s Story

Evolving from the Oil and Gas industry; the owners of ProGroup MENA Limited have decided to diversify their business portfolio and emerge into new domains where they can capitalize on their rock solid financial stand, extensive Region experience and connections with key decision makers across the Middle East and North Africa.

The company has been newly established in 2017 and its current scope includes Oil and Gas and Construction sectors managed by subject matter experts in each sub-division which will be operated and financed individually yet will all be managed under the holding group Board of Directors.

Construction Sector

We provide a comprehensive range of products and techniques to create value for the construction industry and support sustainable development.

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Oil & Gas Sector

Agencies, Consultancies and Engineering based on our experience in the Upstream and Downsteam sectors of the Oil and gas industry.

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ProGroup Excellency

With the establishment of ProGroup MENA at the heart of UAE and its Capital Abu Dhabi; the Group is well positioned to support the whole Region making use of the excellent infrastructure, banking and visa systems and easy access to all countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
The headquarters of the Group will act as a solid base from which all sub-divisions will promote their business lines tackling potential opportunities vigorously and professionally. We aim to be the preferred business partner and active representative that has the required facilities, skills and expertise to accommodate principals in its active domains.